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Monday, March 06, 2006


Ok, now you got me started.

Pancaked organizations. Good idea. Bad idea. Whatever.

Let's take cars: You have an assembly line. Are you telling me that the guys installing the windshields are supposed to be discussing money with the guys in finance?

Ok, bad example. How about media. Is the guy cutting deals with the major labels supposed to be talking to the guy pushing the buttons on the Pro Tools rig? Sure, maybe about the weather, but I'm not quite so sure about what else. There has got to be some sort of mechanism in place that somehow sets a direction, a strategy. Can everybody in an organization be involved in all the discussions? Or do the people who happen to be at the water cooler make the decisions?

Could somebody please tell me how this pancake thing is supposed to work?

Oh - wait - I get it - a pancake has all sorts of layers.... maybe that's a clue....

Well, I'm off to bed. Ahhhhhh - pancakes with maple syrup in the morning! Yummmmmmm!


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