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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Being mean and agressive

Damn. What can I be mean and agressive about?

Steven at Vaspers the Grate today writes about sissies and cry babies screwing up blogging - being nice, agreeing.

Ok - how about this: Steven just turned me on to A Jack of All Blogs. Mr. Cowboy writes about having been turned into America's Favorite Scapegoat. What? Who but a handfull of Cowboy followers knows what he's talking about? I clicked on about 100 links trying to figure out what the heck all that is about. Do I know what is going on? No! Am I American? Yes. Is he my scapegoat? Hell no. Am I going to spend hour upon hour trying to figure out what is going on there? No. He's in this little world of his thinking he's important. Well, maybe to his followers. There's so much other really cool stuff going on out there. Damn.

Ooohlala - Cowboy reports there's 'More nasty drama to report in a few hours'. So what?

(Disclaimer: I'll keep my subscription to see what Steven has to say there. And darn it - I'm going to disagree with something he writes. You just wait!)


  • At Sunday, February 19, 2006 4:12:00 PM, Blogger steven edward streight said…

    You, who know me well enough to pick on my millions of shortcomings and outright goofs...

    ...ya better strap on your Smith & Wesson, or your Barnes & Noble, and out-debate my sorry butt on some topic.

    Or all my worthless insights will amount to nothing, nothing at all. I am not jealous of Jason Calacanis. I am not jealous of Jason Calacanis. I am not jealous of Jason Calacanis.

    I want to blow a hole in JOAB that will let all bloggers and blog readers breathe the stale refreshing air of my mentally suffocating stratospherical nonsense.

    My point in blogocombat, which only about 18% (my uneducated guess) of bloggers engage in, is to not coddle and pamper mean old flamers who use the new Say A Few Nice Things, Then Cut Your Heart Out style of flaming.

    That's about all I really meant to say. But I had to use 40,000 syllables to get it across, cuz I'm a clumsy writer.

    Sorry it took so long for me to support your blog with comments. I'm trying to be more systematic in posting comments at blogs of allies.

    If you're really good, and keep clicking on those blog ads over there, I might let you ride in the Vaspers Spaceship, which, though not as fancy as the 49 Media Flying Saucer, can get you to Alpha Centauri quicker. I think.


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