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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Back from the Dojo (Digital, that is!)

Had a great time at the Digital Dojo in Ojai. Alicia and Marcus were wonderful hosts as always!

Dave Toole, JD Lasica (Darknet, Ourmedia etc etc), Lucas Gonze (Webjay), Joshua Paul and a whole lot of other amazing folks were there (or with us through a video hookup, like Jay Dedman and Mike Meiser). The darknet/lightnet thingy is really a great way of seeing things - I learned (among other things, of course!) that there is one lightnet but many darknets... Lucas was very adament about that.

Now I'm starting to think more about the interaction of media and user profiles - I think it boils down to two types: the creators (very low percentage of people) and those who don't create but want to associate themselves with creators, much like kids having posters of their favorite bands/actors or whatever on the walls - now they're putting that up in their profiles. And they are going to associate themselves, whether through dark, gray or lightnets; whatever it takes!


  • At Thursday, March 02, 2006 8:14:00 PM, Blogger Markus Sandy said…

    Perhaps this is a manifestation of an 80-20 (or 90-10) rule. The creatives form the smaller group that drives the content associated with and consumed by the larger group.

    I guess that leaves the one of two obvious possibilities: (1) either the creatives must lead in offering quality content or (2) wallalang?

    It was great meeting up at the Dojo Chris. Thanks for participating.


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