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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

VlogEurope in Amsterdam

Wow. That was a great event yesterday at the Mac House in Amsterdam. Gabe and the Xolo team did such an amazing job and they are absolutely wonderful people! The room was packed with people interested in videoblogging and the presentations were awesome. Got back to Germany at about 3am this morning, totally exhausted but happy.

Check out Joel's videoblog for some video!

And - on the way home we were stopped by some friendly German customs officers who wanted to make sure we weren't bringing some Pot into Germany from Amsterdam. I told them that I had thought about bringing some but didn't have time to get any... the guy seems quite surprized to hear me say that. I guess he didn't believe me though because he searched our bags - without finding anything of course. The good thing about the whole thing was that I was getting pretty tired and them stopping us woke me up - so I managed driving to Hamburg in the middle of the night quite well!


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