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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Podcasting stuff

That's my podcast setup. I know - not very impressive, especially the double mic I soldered and taped together for phone interviews. But it works. And it was cheap. And some people have said that the sound quality isn't half bad. I love it.

Oh - that red thingy is my iRiver iFP-899 - with 1GB of memory. It'll record 16h of 44khz stereo - and the quality is really good with that stereo mic I'm using - just not in coffee shops when they're steaming milk right next to where you're sitting or you're interviewing outside and the wind's blowing like crazy. Otherwise it's perfect!

And those postits and pens are almost important as the hitech stuff - so when I'm in an interview I can scribble down questions that pop into my mind so I don't forget them 30 seconds later. The scrunched up postits are questions I decided not to ask after all!


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