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Monday, August 01, 2005

Academy of Art blocking 49Media

Ok, so here's the deal: We were at the Academy of Art in San Francisco (yes, that's right: SAN FRANCISCO!!!!) today for Meet The Vloggers. It was my turn to show 49Media - I got on the computer, typed in and it came back with something like 'Site blocked because of pornographic content'.

Now how about that. Yes, there is an adult section in 49media which you can access if you click on the 'Over 18' link. And yes, some of the stuff in there is pretty wild.

But what is blogging about? Huh? It's about freedom. It's about saying and showing what the heck you want. It's about Art. It's about politics. It's about hobbies, entertainment, tech, society etc etc etc. It's about what PEOPLE think is wrong and right in the world.

Now how can this be? Why is this school blocking content that is just showing what people in the world are thinking about our society? About their daily lives?

Should 49Media not show thumbnails and links to any weblog posts where you can see parts of the human body that aren't normally seen on the streets? Should we not show that there are podcasts about relationships and sexuality and what people can do to improve their sex life? Is this not a part of our lives?

So if they're blocking 49Media then shouldn't they be blocking Google and Yahoo? I know that you can go to Yahoo, click on advanced, click on 'Show me adult' and you get some pretty wild stuff, about as wild as you can get actually.

Maybe they should turn off the whole Internet? Or maybe just show

Sheesh. I'm going to bed. Good night.


  • At Thursday, August 11, 2005 12:09:00 AM, Blogger Mariana said…

    That's totally crazy Chris, and you make an excellent point. By that rationaly the whole internet should be marked "explicit" because, just like the theory of six degrees of seperation, all you have to do is follow a link in a site, and then another, to eventually find something "explicit".


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