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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Weblog, Podcast & Videoblog Ranking?

Working on 49Media and listening to all of the discussions going on between bloggers, podcasters and videobloggers about ranking systems. It seems that there's a consensus that pretty much all ranking sytems suck.

What does that mean for 49Media? Well I suppose it sucks.

But we are trying to do the best we can. So we basically have four systems:

This is based on the number of clicks an item/weblog gets within 49Media and when somebody clicks on a 'Vote For Me On 49Media' button on a person's site.

There's a page that just puts up what the spider finds, in the order that it finds it. The only thing we do here is hide 'adult' stuff which you'll only see if you've clicked an 'Over 18' link.

We place weblogs in 15 different channels based on where we think they belong. Within each channel, the newest item is placed at the top of a channel. But - items that get clicked on are skewed towards the top - but this is leveled off every two hours, items that are more than two days old get leveled off more than newer ones. So, for example, when Mariah Carey had her wardrobe malfunction, posts relating to this tended to be at the top of the entertainment channel - but as soon as this dies down it'll be gone, and new items will be populating the top ranks.
So this channel system gives pretty much any post from any weblog that's in a channel more or less the same chance of being at the top for a while.

Anybody can put any item on the WOW! page (again, you only see adult if you've turned it on). So this gives more obscure things a chance of being noticed. Each weblog can only be WOWed once a day, and you have to enter a comment so people know why it's wow.

Hm. What do you think about that?


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