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Friday, July 15, 2005

Another Wardrobe Malfunction

This time it's Mariah Carey. How do I know? Well, just by looking at what's getting clicked on the most in the 49Media entertainment channel today.

Now why is this something I'm writing about here? Well, it turns out that now not only Google, but also Yahoo are indexing 49media like crazy - and this wardrobe malfunction post is currently on the first page of Yahoo when you search for "mariah carey wardrobe malfunction".

So, this is a good day for 49media and a good day for grass roots media - because people are coming to 49media because of this tidbit of information (and probably looking for a photo or two) and then they're seeing all of the other cool stuff that's in there: like podcasts, vlogs etc etc etc... where else does this sort of mass media info get mixed in with grass roots media?

Now I'm taking Mikey for a walk up the hill.


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