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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wales != England != UK

Wow - just spoke with Marie who's doing Knitcast, the knitting podcast - wonderful person! The interview will be up in a few days at 49media.

I can't believe the stuff I learned from just speaking with her for about 20 minutes. one example: For me, Wales, England, Great Britain, UK and all that was one and the same. But now I've learned otherwise! It turns out that if you say you're talking to somebody in England and they're in Whales it's like saying I'm in Texas even though I'm in California. So you either say Wales or England or whatever - or - refer to the whole thing as Great Britain. It's like California or Texas - and they're all part of the US.

Ok, I think I've been thorough enough on that. I love podcasting!

Oh, by the way: != is programmer's geek whatever for 'not equals'


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