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Sunday, September 04, 2005

I got spam.

Wow, I'm thrilled - now I'm part of the spammed blogs league. Just got this:
A real enlightening blog. Don't stop now. This may be of interest to you; how to buy & sell collection agency [link removed, duh!] on interest free credit; pay whenever you want.
Your blog is nice . If you've ever had a bad hair day, I'm sure you'd be interested in hair Dryers Quality hair Dryers

And they write that this is an enlightening blog! And that my blog is 'nice'. Finally, somebody is enlightened by my blog! Oh thank you spammer! You made my day!

Now that I think about it - I actually had a bad hair day today - I used my girlfriend's shampoo - that screwed up everything. Or was it something else... maybe I should click that link after all!

Anyway - I'll follow Steven's preaching and start deleting this shit. I sure hope this won't become a full time job - I'm just too freakin' busy. Hm. but what I do about those bad hair days?

Oh wait - I know what I'll do - I'll put in the captcha thingys (uh - 'word verification' as they call it here). That'll do it. Or will it? I don't know - those f-ing spamming f-ers probably have that stuff figured out by now too!


  • At Friday, September 30, 2005 10:48:00 PM, Blogger steven edward streight said…

    Guess what?

    Some cyber vandal, or some glitch in Blogger, or an alien death ray...

    ...zapped the entire main template of Blog Core Values. It was empty. Zero.

    Now, I'm no fool, and I know a bit about computer security, never had a virus, Trojan, spyware, etc. I'm pretty sharp about all these things. Not an expert, but well informed.

    So how did I lose the entire template?

    I kept trying to publish a new post at BCV, but "error message 002" kept coming up.

    Fortunately, I had saved the July 2005 version of the template, and I just now pasted it into the field.

    How F'd up!!!!

    Now I have to go change the sidebar and other aspects of BCV, since I made a lot of revisions to the blog since July. More wretched work, and I have a frozen right shoulder, and now a newly broken left shoulder (scapula).

    I'm a real F'd up piece of freight physically, and in pain, and now I have to do a lot of work on BCV to update its design.

    Not a good month for me in many respects, but I'm now using a cable broadband internet connection, instead of dial up.

    Death and Derision to all comment spammers.

    Study this topic. All bloggers need to know all about blog spam: comment, trackback, guestbook, email this post to a friend, etc.

    Spammers can even hit RSS feeds.

    What a stupid world we are forced to live in.


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