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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ok, so now I'm a podcaster

It's funny - I was at the podcasting meetup in San Francisco because of 49Media and somebody asked me what my podcast was about. My answer was: nope, I'm working on a site where you can find podcasts.

On the way home I was thinking - what? a podcast? I'm not doing one where I talk about myself or do music... there are so many great shows out there... but hey - I'm finding all of these great people online doing blogs, podcasts and vlogs - why not interview them - 49media would be a great platform for that. And - it would be a great way to get the excellent work of these people exposed to others that might not find out about it otherwise.

So here I am, a week later and the first introductory podcast is up - I've got a few people line up for interviews and there are so many I have on my list to ask... I haven't been this excited in a loooong time.


  • At Monday, July 11, 2005 1:31:00 AM, Blogger Michael Meiser said…

    Aha! I just subscribed to your podcast. It's nice to see how things get started. I'm working on a project about the wonderful world of video blogging and we're thinking about interviewing some of the very same people. A similar fashion. Perhaps we can somehow collaborate or re-podcast your videos. If nothing else (sorry no money in this, at least not to begin with) then perhaps it'll get you some more exposure. Though I must admit you're likely to have more exposure than us. :)

    -Mike of


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