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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What's on the web tonight, honey?

Way back, when the day's work was done, people used to get out the guitar and make some music or read a book together. Then along came radio and people tuned in to their favorite show. For the past few decades the question after dinner has been: "What's on TV tonight, honey?".

But with the Web coming into the mainstream, bringing a flurry of new media into the house, the question might soon be: "What's on the web tonight, honey?"

There is, of course, lots of stuff to read on the web. But weblogs are beginning to transport a whole new set of media: photos, podcasts, vlogs, music - you name it, it's there. Not only is the quality of the content getting better every day, it's just so cool to spend time in the evening looking at, listening to and watching all of the funky stuff people are putting up there.

I still listen to the radio during the day and read a book in the evening - but I haven't watched TV in weeks. TV is, for the most part, horrible. I notice myself asking the "What's on the web tonight, honey?" question after dinner more and more often - how long will it be before millions are asking that question?

And this is where comes in: I'm starting to see it more as a "TV-Guide for Web Media". Since weblogs (and the feeds!) are sorted in reverse chronological order, you always get the newest stuff served up at the top. And 49media presents what it finds in the same fashion: newest items at the top. So for me the answer to the question "What's on the web tonight, honey?" is: "Let's check 49media!".


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