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Thursday, April 28, 2005


So what's 49media all about? Well, I built this mobile PhotoSearch tool based on Yahoo's search api. When you install it on your phone you can search for images and they're displayed formatted to the size of your phone's display. Now it turns out you can use Yahoo's api as long as you're not making any money off of it. Well, that makes sense, right? Yup.

So I write Yahoo an email asking what I need to do so I can sell the product - and in the meantime I just make it a free download. But what happens? Nothing. Yahoo doesn't respond.

So I start thinking about how to find images myself - start thinking about blogs and feeds and all that cool stuff - start thinking about photos, then audio and then video. And then I start tinkering and out comes 49media.

And now it's taking off. Hm. So now I'm wondering: do I switch the mobile PhotoSearch app over to the 49media search (customizable feeds are in there already)? But then I read Russ's stuff about the mobile web and that gets me to thinking about XHTML-MP and whether that would make any sense with 49media?


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