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Sunday, August 20, 2006

HOWTO Screencast

1. Think about what you want to do.
2. Write it down.
3. Practice many times.
4. Revise so that it makes sense.
5. Take the dog for a long, long walk. Or drive into town and buy a rib roast.
6. Try a final take.
7. Find a mistake.
8. Go to step 5. Or better yet, go to step 4.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT try to do a final take right after finding a mistake in one you just did. It will not work. Trust me.

Oh - almost forgot: you might want to have a glass of wine before 6. - but then don't drive into town for the rib roast.


  • At Tuesday, August 22, 2006 12:38:00 PM, Blogger Markus Sandy said…

    Great post chris! Screencasting can be challanging and it helps to plan ahead.

    Dave and I once had the pleasure of an iChat with Michael Verdi about screencasting. Man, I wish I had captured that! It was like a great talk show with a pro. I would pay for content like that!

    Here are some more tips ...

    * keep hand off the mouse so it won't jiggle if tracking pan is on (tip from michael verdi)

    * always screencast something you are actually doing. for example, if you want to screencast a mashup or collaboration, than actually create a mashup or start a collaboration (tip from michael verdi)

    * have a separate account with clean desktop setup for screencasting and use quick user switching to go between editing work and screen capture (ryanne hodson tip)

    * don't smoke anything while recording audio (tip from charles hogan)

    * check out the screencasts online site. he has an episode where he shows a "behind the scenes" view of how he makes his screencasts.


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