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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Little guys on my desk

I've been hunkered down for a while here working on some stealthy stuff - isn't it great when you're in stealth mode on something? Nobody bothers you about stuff going wrong with this or that - ha! they can't because nobody's using it yet. Ah, what bliss.

Anyway, it's really cool how there have been these little guys wandering around my desk for a few days, one's black with little red stripes, the other one looks like some wild creature from some b-movie I saw a million years ago. The black and red guy had some problems a while ago, I helped him back on his feet though... right now he seems a little dazed - I wonder if he might need some food or something. What would you feed those guys?

Oh, I just dug out my Stone Roses collection tucked away in some obscure folder on my computer - they are simply the best... it was soooo cool - I was at my favorite laundrymat yesterday and the lady there had the Stone Roses going. Gosh, if you ever cometo Fairfax (in Marin), stop by the Hogwash mat on the main strip, it's the coolest place.

Ok, back to stealth mode!


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