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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I went to the MobileMonday meeting in San Francisco last night - wow, what a great event! The place was packed and the speakers talked about a lot of really interesting stuff. There will probably be more info up on that soon at the MobileMonday website.

It was really nice to speak with some of the people there: Jeff from SoftTech VC who reminded me that I should make sure the mobile NewsReader works with Buzznet, which it does - which means that you can view and save Buzznet photostreams on your mobile phone. Fabrizio from Funambol, who told me about their success with opensource, wow - now that's something I really have to start thinking about! I also got to meet Eleanor, she has such a cool blog! And here boyfriend Mike who's with Feedster - such a great web newsreader - I use it all the time. Mike's really a great guy. The event took place at Dimension 7, I spoke with Michael who's really doing some very cool stuff with video.

This was my first MobileMonday since I just returned from Germany a little while back - I will be going there again for sure - the next one's supposed to be at Yahoo, that'll be great.

It was really cool that I got to plug the Photo NewsReader - it's really nice how they have it structured as an open forum - it's so good for meeting people in the space.


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