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Monday, March 20, 2006

Quick Release Cycles

Great post here on why quick release cycles are becoming more and more important.

I really can relate to that - it's all about getting in there and doing it. I have never been a fan of writing business plans mapping out everything from start to finish. You can't really know what you're going to do until you're actually doing something.

You do, however, need to have a general strategy/idea of what you're doing, who you're targeting and what in the heck it will be that will get your users to tell their buddies about what your doing. The viral thing is soooo vital these days - what startup can afford the funnel model. I really liked Seth Godin's talk at Google where he spoke about tipping the funnel. You've got to come up with something that your users will talk about in the first place. And then keep them talking by keeping them happy and adding in new amazing stuff all the time.

Not an easy task.


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